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Reputation Management

Reputation Management

Look your best to your peers, your patients, and your employees.

Without a good online reputation, you are significantly less likely to earn new patients.

Reviews & Testimonials

Patients search for businesses online and read reviews before making an informed decision. Through our review aggregation process, we will be able to showcase your best reviews and testimonials on search results and your website.

Online Discussion

Patients discuss healthcare providers online, especially those working in cosmetic services, at large extent throughout social media and various forums. We use our heat-mapping software to detect ongoing online discussion about your business and personal brand online. This data is then leveraged to create responses to promote positive behavior and dissuade negative sentiment.

Search Engine Results

Your business and personal search results are extremely important for gaining new patients. We strive to make your search results positive and bury any ones that are negative or irrelevant.


Reputation management is about looking your best. That also entails preventing bad situations, such as crises or negative reviews, from harming your brand. Our reputation management services are designed to protect you and your business brand from being harmed by negative search results or reviews.

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Branding & IDENTITY

Look good and position your brand for long-term success.

Social Media

Engage with your audience and grow your brand presence.

Digital marketing

Build an authentic online presence, drive traffic to your website, and gain more patients.

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