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Why Your Plastic Surgery Clinic Absolutely Needs Digital Marketing in 2020

Plastic surgery clinics are expected to be digitally savvy with their marketing in 2020. Full stop. If you aren’t, then I’m surprised at how you managed to stay in business for so long.

While you may not agree with me, I suggest you do the following exercise.

Go into Google and type in a service that you offer, and then add the words “near me”. Scroll through the results that appear. Take note as to which websites appear, who ranks towards the top, and then who appears at the bottom of that page.

Most searchers never click past the first page of search results

Does your website (if you have one) show on these results? If it doesn’t, you have a big problem on your hands. 75% of searchers never click past the first page. This means that potentially you are only earning 25% of the revenue that you could be making. (Run the numbers real quick by multiplying your current annual salary by 4. Yikes!)

If your website does show on this first page, great. You have achieved something that most businesses strive to do. However, this does not put you in the clear just yet. Like I said, businesses strive to appear on the first page of search results. And always will, as long as search engines exist.

Search results are in a perpetual state of competition

There is always a risk that you can lose your search result position. If you are spending money on PPC, otherwise known as pay-per-click advertising, you are artificially ranking your business towards the top. But if a clinic comes along with a fatter wallet and bigger pockets, there’s a strongly likelihood that they will outrank your position. Therefore stealing away your patients.

So if someone richer can just come along and buy their way to success, why shouldn’t you feel discouraged? Because that method isn’t as sustainable as alternative digital marketing tools.

Pay-per-clicking advertising is only one tool in the digital marketing tool belt

Sure, PPC advertising is used in most digital marketing campaigns. But it is by far not the only tool out there. We emphasize to the plastic surgeons we work with that successful digital marketing means employing all of the means available to build an authentic online presence.

An authentic online presence doesn’t just look pretty when a patient searches your clinic name. It also grows your business organically.

Organic growth is best for a business in the long-run

Organic growth simply means that you are not paying for advertisements and still generating new business. A lot of the plastic surgeons we work with were used to paying tens of thousands of dollars on PPC campaigns, which were fruitful, but unsustainable. Growing organically builds your brand, albeit much slower, but much more sustainably.

3 Tips to achieve organic growth

You might ask, “but how am I supposed to grow organically?” Glad you asked. Here’s some steps you can take towards doing so.

  1. Build a positive online reputation. We wrote a guide on this that gives some helpful tips towards improving your online reputation.
  2. Produce content. This is the hammer and nail in your digital marketing tool belt. Through writing blog posts, taking photos and uploading to Instagram, and creating videos, you are adding value to the lives of potential patients.
  3. Grow an authentic social media presence and spend on advertising just a tad. Don’t go overboard with spending on channels like Facebook and Instagram. But do allocate some of your budget towards promoting content that you have written for your blog.

Plastic surgery clinics are more competitive today than they ever have been before. In order to swim and not sink, you must be keeping a steady digital marketing campaign throughout. We handle these services entirely for the plastic surgeon customers we work with on a daily basis, so if you don’t have time to do it yourself, feel free to give us a call.

Now get out there and drink some H2O!