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Hospice Marketing Best Practices in 2020

In the past 10 years, the hospice care industry has changed massively. COVID-19 has especially impacted this industry in 2020.

The Internet has truly changed everything, as with many other industries.

The days have stopped where advertisements are put in the local papers, billboards are leased and leaflets are plastered over walls.

Best Hospice Marketing Tips

If you want to have real results as a hospice care clinic in 2020 and to keep up with competing clinics in your area, there are several clear tactics for a focused digital marketing strategy.

Let us look at the best hospice marketing tactics for hospice business owners in order to help you improve your marketing strategy.

1. Local Facebook Marketing

Nowadays, nearly everyone has a Facebook page, which makes this a great platform for advertising.

Facebook is the most popular social media channel and offers a platform not only for patients to purchase services, but also provide patients a view into your clinic.

Patients deserve to go to a hospice care clinic that genuinely knows and can talk to patients that are dealing with the emotional crises of failing health.

Local advertising is very effective because the vast majority of your patients are probably those living within the area.

The geo-targeting tool on Facebook can help you hone in o a town or zip code to personally tailor your message to potential patients.

Keep in mind that it’s better to attract a targeted group of patients instead of large demographic groups since this follows best hospice care marketing practices.

2. Local SEO

For hospice marketing, SEO is critically important to do correctly.

When people type into Google, “hospice care in [my city]” they are looking for the best clinic to bring a loved one.

It is crucial for patients to see your website, blog, and social media appear relatively high in Google’s search results. 92% of web searchers on Google stay only on the first page of search results.

For order to do that, you would have to periodically refresh a site with material that includes fairly strong medium tail keywords.

Those involve sentences such as “hospice care in my city” or “best hospice care in my city”.

You need to ensure that your clinic has the best SEO (search engine optimization) possible to appear highly in the search results.

You will want to include the titles, headers, subheaders, backlinks, online directories, social media pages. If this is all sounding too technical, remember, RAMSEY Healthcare Marketing best handles hospice marketing.

The more links you add to your website, the easier it is for patients to find your website through those keyword searches.

The most important aspect here is to build a “landing page” – a lengthy, specific piece of instructional material about hospice care to which other websites might link to.

3. Interactive Tours

Comfort is the essence of hospice care — and it’s more pivotal than ever to communicate that through hospice marketing.

Digital clinic tours give prospective patients a wide insight into the clinic without needing to physically walk inside (which may be certainly helpful if they are unable to leave their bed).

Investing in production and be aware of the clinic aesthetics is the key to creating a successful virtual tour.

Take specific images, using good quality cameras like DSLRs. Make the video interactive and responsive across both desktop computers and mobile.

It was never less expensive to put together with a tour that is user-friendly and 3D that not only ensured you could improve your hospice marketing.

4. Email Marketing campaigns

E-mail marketing campaigns continue to be one of the most effective ways to reach out to potential customers.

This is because e-mail contacts have most signed up to be contacted and they are prepared to hear what your hospice care clinic has to say.

You will want to create interesting material that isn’t looking like a sales advertisement for your clinic.

The purpose of this email will be to inspire potential customers and patients to visit your website so as to end up hearing from you again in the future.

Consider putting on your website a free PDF of information about hospice care and best tips for caregivers of those in palliative care.

By doing this correctly, you will remain relevant to your past customers and develop relationships with future customers.

5. An easily accessible website

People like simplicity and websites that are aesthetically pleasant and easy to navigate.

Have a list of all the latest offerings, items to support their purchase, and connections to the appropriate services.

However, most importantly, make it easy to use your website.

You should include a live chat feature for customer service 24/7 that provides automatic responses so that prospective customers are not left waiting for someone to respond.

6. Advertising Pay-per-click

Pay-per-click ads are literally as they mean – you only pay when someone decides to click on your link. Google Ads is excellent for serving these ads.

PPC advertisements can target local residents in a geographic location on Google, which allows them to be useful for hospice care marketing.

It is a great chance to make sure that you have potential customers who are genuinely involved in your clinic by selecting your advertisements intentionally.

7. Webinars

You can extend your hospice care brand to a much wider public by hosting a webinar or online workshop and providing your expertise to those interested.

Combine this webinar with a slideshow that presents the different options that are available to potential patients and individuals providing palliative care.

The hospice care industry is constantly changing which means you must be flexible and able to adapt your clinic. Hospice marketing is one of our many strengths, so feel free to reach out if you would like a free consultation.