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Digital Marketing for Pediatricians in 2020

Pediatrician marketing is necessary for acquiring and keeping patients. 

The ever-changing online environment frequently causes the implementation of effective marketing strategies for pediatric practices feel like trying to shoot a small moving target.

Even though it may be difficult, marketing is a requirement for pediatricians.

Many who invest in their own marketing excel, while those who fail to adapt fall behind.

Fortunately, a few straightforward strategies can quickly increase the online and offline presence of your pediatric practice, making it much easier for patients to discover you.

There are a few important items to consider prior to diving in as you formulate your marketing strategy.

Marketing is not advertising, although advertising can have a part to play in your marketing strategy. Marketing includes public relations, media planning , customer support, market research and community engagement as well as publicity.

Commercialization is an ongoing process. Your strategy will adapt to the changes around you in industry and the world.

Invest in a long-term plan to expand your company over time, instead of attempting a “set-it-and-forget-it” scheme that is likely to fall short.

Marketing really is an investment.

Not only should you plan on spending time and money on your marketing strategy, but you should also track outcomes to determine your return on investment to ensure that you’re on track to success.

Marketing is a talking between you and your customers. As such, you should focus on what your target audiences — whether patients, other doctors, or a combination of both — want from their doctor, that is, you.

Marketing is useless, if your claims can not be backed up.

Your practice will grow out of your clinical excellence — unmatched patient care, medical expertise and successful outcomes.

The most successful marketing technique in the end would be to concentrate your attention on enhancing your work.

Here are the best marketing strategies for medical practices and doctors:

1. Create a Website

Your medical practice needs an online home, somewhere current and potential patients can find you.

Fortunately, in order to get up and running with a custom site you don’t need to be an HTML wiz.

You can hire someone to design and code a site for you. How you go about it depends on your level of comfort, time, budget and skills.

2. Start a Blog

A regularly updated blog linked to your web site for medical practice offers many opportunities to address your audience’s needs and interests.

This is also the place to market content, a type of writing that helps you build your personal brand and show you who you are.

3. Add Links to Facebook

There are almost 2 billion active monthly Facebook users worldwide(!)

And as the tagline of the social network makes clear, the web is all about communication in pediatrician marketing.

For your medical practice, a professional Facebook page (apart from your personal page) allows you to contact your audience frequently and remind them of your presence.

Posting tips, news, and other notable items will help ensure followers and fans keep you in mind when pediatric services are needed.

It’s also an ideal forum for your blog posts — you can share and pass on useful and interesting links that you post on Facebook, providing virtual word-of – mouth about yourself.

4. Log in on Instagram and Twitter

Facebook, Instagram, and other social networks such as Snapchat and LinkedIn offer the audience more opportunities to communicate and share.

Doctors-only services such as Sermo can help you network with professionals around the world and demonstrate further expertise in your area.

The key to maintaining a positive online presence is regular and consistent posting through pediatrician marketing — try posting several times daily to your Twitter and/or Instagram accounts, if possible.

5. Become a Source for Newspapers

There are few better ways to gain exposure and pediatrician marketing than by being cited in the media.

Print, online, and TV journalists regularly seek out medical professionals to give their stories context and legitimacy.

Signing up for services such as Help a Reporter Out and ProfNet will give you access to media queries, as well as provide journalists with an outlet to pitch their own story ideas.

6. Send a Newsletter by Email

Capturing email addresses through pediatrician marketing and frequently emailing your contacts list drives traffic to your website, blog and social network accounts, which in turn drives new requests and referrals for appointments.

Start by collecting subscribers from your current customer base and reference base as well as from your social media followers.

Then create a template newsletter with an inexpensive mailing service such as MailChimp or Constant Contact.

Uncertain what to include?

Start with highlights from your recent work and return links to your blog posts.

7. Offer Unforeseen Care Packages

Not all of the modern marketing practices are just online.

Everyone likes free stuff — and printing your office details on cheap promotional items such as pens, stress balls, magnets, and water bottles to give to patients and other doctors will literally keep your contact information at hand.

8. Making the most of patient reviews

Your current patients and doctors who refer to you are your best marketing partners.

Make use of the power of happy clients to help spread your name by asking for referrals from potential patients.

Requesting reviews not only delivers you the greatest form of marketing material — what patients are saying about you and your pediatrics practice — but it also gives you the chance to see yourself as they view you, which is an essential asset.

Patient testimonials are a look into your practice. Grasp the important advice people give you, rather than combat or disagree.

9. Contribute to Publishing

Just like blogging and acting as a source for media stories, creating pieces about your experiences and expertise for medical journals can improve your reputation among fellow doctors — and possibly lead to referrals.

If your strength is knowledge then providing that information and pediatrician lens in a publication delivers your idea in the appropriate environment.

10. Create a Referral System for Patients

Providing top-notch care and giving patients genuine concern will lead to a lot of positive word-of-mouth and referrals to friends and family for pediatrician marketing.

Print referral cards with a simple message such as “Share Good Health” along with your clinic’s address, and then plan to include them in your care packages.

Follow-up when you get a referral to let your patient know how much you appreciate them with a handwritten letter, phone call, text, or even a small gift.

12. Enhance your SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) can help drive targeted prospects (i.e. patients and referring doctors) to your practice website, improving the possibility that you are discovered via Google.

It helps to create original content for your website and blog, and receiving other sites that link to your pages.

To earn more traffic for your clinic website, offer guest blogs on other doctors’ websites and converse on social network posts.

Individually, each of these techniques will help your medical practice expand, but these marketing methods are best used in a organized , systematic way in tandem.

Contact RAMSEY Healthcare Marketing if you would like for us to take care of these processes for you.